• Express and News, December 5, 1969

    click to zoom La Gaffe restaurant London 1969

    La Gaffe Restaurant London 1969

  • Express & News April 7, 1967

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    La Gaffe French Food in 1967, Eating out in Hampstead London

  • Feb 16, 1967

     Restaurant in Hampstead London

  • A review in 1966

     20th May 1966 La Gaffe Review

  • Memories of Montmartre

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    Memories of Montmartre

  • Express and News Friday, April 20, 1965

     Eating out in London at La Gaffe

  • La Gaffe Menu

     Restaurant Menu

  • The Evening News and Star, Friday, July 10, 1964

     Bernardos Little Empire - French Food in Hampstead London 1964

  • La Gaffe Entrance

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    Entrance to La Gaffe in the 1960s

  • Oasis Restaurant Menu

     Oasis Restaurant

  • Diners at La Gaffe

     Diners at La Gaffe

  • A French Restaurant Opens in Hampstead

    A French Restaurant in Hampstead - La Gaffe